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 Selected Online Resources

Beginning Your Research
African & Native American
Churches & Cemeteries
Citing and Writing
For-fee Sites
House Histories
Immigration & Naturalization
Legislative, Court
Libraries, Newspapers, etc.
Maps & Land
State Digital Archives
Vital Records, DNA


 The Source: A Guidebook to American Genealogy
 Genealogical Research, methods & sources (Rubincam)
 Red Book: American State, County, & Town Sources

 Rootsweb's guide to tracing family trees
 FamilySearch online classes
 Skillbuilding: Board for Certification of Genealogists
 Genealogy glossary

About family history research at the National Archives
 Resources for genealogists - National Archives
 Cyndi's List
 Kip Sperry's family history internet sites

 USGenWeb project
USGenWeb archives
 USA People Search big list of genealogy links 
 Steve Morse's excellent search aids

 Internet genealogy - What's good! What's not!
 Black Sheep Ancestors
 Caring for your family archives - NARA

 IGI batch numbers British Isles and North America

 Digital books from the Family History Archive

Access Genealogy
  Distant Cousin
  Easy Google Genealogy Searcher

   - Wiki for United States Research -
access by state
- ordering FamilySearch film online

Genealogy Buff

 Million Short

 NameX - finding name variants


- Rootsweb search index

 Spokeo - "free" people finder
 ZabaSearch - another "free" people finder

 African American Griots
 African American Mosaic - Library of Congress
Christine's website

 Lowcountry Africana

Digital Library on American Slavery
 Unknown No Longer - database of VA slave names

 Slaves and the courts 1740-1860
US slavery statutes - Yale: Avalon

 FamilySearch: African American Research
 The Freedmen’s Bureau Online
African American Civil War Soldiers: Princeton's research links
 1860: slaves age 100 and up
IL slavery insurance policies
IL Servitude & Emancipation Records Database, 1722–1863
Jefferson County, IN register: negroes. mulattoes 1853-1860
Intl. Society Sons & Daughters of Slave Ancestry - database

 Princeton: African American genealogy on the web

 Prologue 1997 (summer): the use of federal records in African
   American historical research

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

The slave code in theory & practice (1853)

African Timelines
The Bibliography of Slavery and World Slaving
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database
USF Africana heritage project
African Origins Project
The African-American Migration Experience

Chicago Defender Index

The church in the southern black community

American slave narratives - WPA
North American slave narratives
Born in slavery: narratives - FWP
Voices from slavery days - audio interviews
StoryCorps Griot

African American Women - Duke

The African-Native American Genealogy Blog
African Roots Podcast

Geni’s African American Genealogy Series
Historic Pathways – Elizabeth Shown Mills

Reclaiming Kin – Robyn Smith
Research at the National Archives & Beyond –  weekly talk radio

United States
Measuring America: decennial censuses 1790 to 2000

Enumerator instructions by census year

Joe Beine's census help  

1790 heads of households
1840 list of Revolutionary War & military pensioners

free, browsable 1790-1930 images - Internet Archive

Agricultural and manufacturing census records of fifteen southern states for the years 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880
Historical census browser (use to make data maps)

US Census Bureau Statistical Abstracts

NCSU decennial population and housing censuses guide

State - free sources
The Internet Archive has some state records, e,g,
 - Illinois, 1810, 1818
 - Michigan, 1894

FamilySearch has censes records for various states and countries
(AL. CA, CO. FL. IL, IA, MA, MI, MN, NY, RI, SD, TX, WI)

Colorado - 1885 Arapahoe
Washington State

England and Wales, 1841-1911 (free search only)
India, 1911

Houses & building histories - general - Cyndi's List

Be an Old House Detective

Researching the history of your house - a bibliography - Covington KY Historic Preservation Office

History at Home: Resources for Documenting Historic Houses, Structures and Neighborhood - Kenton Co KY Library

House Detective: finding history in your home

House Stories - researching your historic home - Kenton county Public Library

Old Louisville Guide

Bird's eye view of the city of Louisville - 1883

Architecture and Interior Design for 20th Century America

Historic American Buildings Survey 1933 - present

American Landscape and Architectural Design 1850-1920

Art Historical Digital Imaging Project

National Register of Historic Places

The Great Buildings Collection

The Collins C. Diboll Vieux Carré Digital Survey

The Urban Landscape - Duke University

A Digital Archive of American Architecture

Natl. Trust Historic Home Preservation Resources


 An act creating Kentucky County Virginia
Binns 1790/1800 VA tax lists (scroll down for image index)
 The Virginia Gazette 1736-1780
 Colonial Williamsburg Digital Library
 Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia
 Hening's statutes at large
 Virtual Jamestown

 Library of Virginia (LVA) online catalog

Virginia's Heritage Migration Route
 Botetourt County descendant counties
 1790 Virginia map

Beginning your research
KYGenWeb project
 The Kentucky Encyclopedia
Kentucky Footsteps archives
 Historic Families of Kentucky - 1889
 IGI batch numbers for KY USA
 Kentucky Genealogy Book Links

Vital Records
KYGenWeb Vital Statistics
Index to divorces recorded in the Kentucky Acts

African American
The African American Genealogy Group of Kentucky
 Kentucky African American Griots
Notable Kentucky African Americans database

Digital Collections
The Filson Club History Quarterly
 Keeneland Library
Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives
KDLA catalog
Kentuckiana Digital Library
 Kentucky Room, Lexington Public Library
University of Louisville digital collections

Maps, Land
 Kentucky Land Office
 Kentucky Atlas and Gazetteer
Kentucky topographic maps
 Researching early Kentucky tax lists
 Kentucky Geological Survey oil and gas records
 Cultural Resource Analysts - online reports
 Kentucky Archaeological Survey - projects
 Sanborn Maps

 Historic Kentucky newspapers
 Lexington Public Library's Local History Index 1787-
Building Histories postcards
 Kentuckiana Digital Library 
KY Historical Society digital collections
 1848 Daguerreotypes - Cincinnati waterfront

 1810 Kentucky Statutes
 1820 Acts of the Kentucky General Assembly
 1836 Acts of the Kentucky General Assembly
 1852 Kentucky Statutes
 1860 Acts of the Kentucky General Assembly
 1864-66 Opinions of the Kentucky Court of Appeals
 1879 Kentucky Statutes
 1899 Kentucky Statutes

Fayette County

Deaths - Fayette County

 1833 Lexington cholera deaths by name
 1849 Lexington cholera deaths by name
 1860 & 1870 mortality schedules
 1899-1900 deaths in the Kentucky Gazette

 1911-1930, Fayette
 Delayed birth certificates - all counties

7th Street/African Cemetery No. 2 - survey
Boone's Creek Baptist/Athens Christian Church
Camp Nelson National Cemetery, Jessamine County, Ky
Fayette County Cemeteries Map
Cove Haven Cemetery (African American)

Eastern State Hospital cemetery project
Lexington Cemetery
 Old Episcopal Third St Cemetery
 Old Union Christian Church Cemetery

African American
Adams Co. MS record book - many Fayette names
CA Dept. of Insurance Registry
 Colored Civil War soldiers - Lexington Natl Cemetery
Colored Marriage Declarations 1866-1908
 Free Fayette persons of color 1838
Free Lexington persons of color 1859

Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden
Ex-slave letters from Liberia

Kentucky jurisprudence: a History of the trial of Miss 
    Delia A. Webster at Lexington, Kentucky, Dec'r 17-
    21, 1844

 - Rehearsal for redemption: the politics of post-
    emancipation violence in Kentucky’s Bluegrass

Maps, Land - Fayette
 Fayette County Property Valuation Administrator
 Bird's eye view of the city of Lexington, 1871
Neighborhoods in Lexington: an index, 1885-1961
 Lexington houses renumbered in 1902
 Downtown Lexington Building Inventory
 Lexington, Kentucky: The Athens of the West

History of a House Museum - blog on Ashland, the Henry Clay estate

 Fayette County in the War of 1812
 Kentucky Military History Museum
 Lexington Chasseurs
 Confederate pension applications - online images
 WPA Kentucky Military History

Four online Lexington, KY directories:
  - 1806  
    - 1818 
    - 1838 
    - 1859

 Random Thoughts on History - Tim Talbott

 - A memoir of Lexington and its vicinity
 - The early life of Lexington before the year 1820
Ranck's History of Lexington, Kentucky

Libraries, digital collections
 American Memory - Library of Congress
 Archives Library Information Center (ALIC) - NARA
 Colonial Williamsburg Digital Library

 DAR genealogical research system
Library and Archives Canada
 Documenting the American South

Family History Books
 FamilySearch photoduplication - limited free copies
The Filson Historical Society
The First American West

Google Books
 Project Gutenberg
 Hathi Trust Digital Library

 Genealogy Book Links

 Directory of Open Access journals
 Google Scholar

 JSTOR (free pre-1923 content)
Internet Archive

Library of Congress online catalog
Library of Congress digital collections and services

 Online Public Access - National Archives

Making of America
 Guide to federal records in the National Archives US
NARA Public Access (beta)
National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections

 ArchiveGrid - OCLC's world archives project

The Universal Digital Library



 Google Cultural Institute
Library of Congress Flickr pilot

 New York Public Library digital gallery
 New York City Municipal Archives - 870,000 images
What Was There - historical images & Google Maps

 Newspapers - US
 Atlanta Historic Newspapers Archive
 California Digital Newspaper Collection

 North Carolina Newspaper Digitation Project
 Virginia Gazette 1736-1780

 Historic Newspapers Online - great site

 Chronicling America: historic American newspapers

 Free newspaper archives
 Google News Archive
ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers
 List of online newspaper archives - all countries

 National Digital Newspaper Program
 US Newspaper Program
 Library of Congress Flickr newspapers
1861 American Newspaper Dir. (w/ provinces)
1876 American Newspaper Directory

Newspapers - Canada, UK
 British Newspaper Archive
 The Canada Gazette
 1858 Canadian Newspaper Directory

 Elephind  (Australia, New Zealand, & US)

Blogs, Wikis Genealogy
African-Native American Genealogy Blog Wiki
 Ancestry Insider
Dear Myrtle

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter
 FamilySearch research Wiki
The Legal Genealogist

Shades of the Departed
Tracing the Tribe (Jewish genealogy)

 Western Microhistory

Serial publications, lists, message boards
FamilySearch Labs - future tools to dig up the past
 My Heritage
 Rootsweb - mailing list index
YesterYear Once More
 National Genealogical Society's YouTube Channel


 Taking the mystery out of land records
 United States Land and Property
 Historical highlights of public land management
 Indian Land Cessions in the United States, 1784-1894
 Admission of states and territorial acquisition

 Atlas of historical county boundaries
US Census Bureau state/county maps
 US Maps - Formation History
 United States Maps of Counties
Animated county history map
 Find a town's county

 Library of Congress online map collections
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
Old Maps Online
NOAA Civil War slavery survey map

Sanborn fire insurance maps - LC

What is GIS? (from ESRI) - note the free ArcGIS Explorer
A place in history: A guide to using GIS in historical research

National Atlas (US)

Geographic Names Information Center (GNIS)
GeoNet Names Server (GNS)
USGS Historical Topographic maps

Streamer - trace waterways (National Atlas)

Google Earth
Earth Point - public land survey system

Federal land records site

Homestead Act of 1862  (history, maps & more)

Latitude and longitude finder
Platting deeds in metes and bounds

Eur. settl.-era vegetation - Monongahela Forest WV
Learn about Military Records - FamilySearch
Military Reference Reports - National Archives
Joe Beine's Online Military Indexes and Records
Ordering pre-WWI military records

Papers of the War Department 1784-1800
African American/American Indian Patriots - DAR
Genealogical Records System - DAR

Virginia's colonial soldiers (free w/ regist.)


FortWiki - historic US & Canadian forts

War of 1812 - pension application files

Southern Campaign Rev. War pension statements
1840 census of Revolutionary War pensioners
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System
Offical Register 1861
War of the Rebellion (official records of both armies)
Civil War in Virginia - Walk in Their Footsteps

The Civil War Pension Law
List of pensioners January 1, 1883

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War: grave search

Civil War photographs part 1: The Places
Civil War photographs Part 2: The People
Civil War part 3: The Stereographs
Mathew Brady Civil War Photographs
NOAA Civil War Nautical Maps

American Merchant Marine at War
Naval History and Heritage Command
U.S. Air Force Historical Research Agency
U.S. Army Heritage Collections Online
U.S. Coast Guard Historian’s Office

US Department of Veterans Affairs  - domestic military burials search

American Battle Monuments Commission – overseas military burials and other searches    (1917 - )

WWII army enlistment and other records (NARA)
WWII ration books - database & info

Searchable on
Reuben Gold Thwaites, Descriptive list of manuscript collections of the state historical society of Wisconsin, (Madison, Wisconsin: The Society, 1906).

Lyman C. Draper, King's Mountain and its heroes: history of the Battle of King's Mountain, October 7, 1780, and the events which led to it, (Cincinnati: Ohio, Peter G. Thompson, 1881).

Wisconsin Historical Society, The Preston and Virginia papers of the Draper collection of manuscripts, (Madison, Wisconsin: the Society, 1915).

 Alabama  Alaska  Arkansas  California  Colorado  
 Delaware  Florida  Georgia  Hawai'i  Idaho  Illinois 
 Indiana  Iowa  Kansas  Kentucky  Louisiana  Maine 
 Maryland  Massachusetts  Michigan  Minnesota 
 Mississippi  Missouri   Montana  Nebraska 
 Nevada  New Hampshire  New Jersey 
New Mexico 
 New York  North Carolina  North Dakota  Ohio 
 Oklahoma  Oregon  Pennsylvania  Rhode Island 
 South Carolina  South Dakota  Tennessee  Texas 
 Utah  Vermont  Virginia  Washington
 West Virginia

 State Archives websites listing

 American Civil War Research Database
 Godfrey Memorial Library
 National Genealogical Society



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